Steelmaking Deoxidizer

Silicon carbide ball

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Silicon carbide ball

Product brand: Xinchuang

Product model: sic55 / SiC60 / sic65

Production process: crushing / grinding / ball pressing

Product application: black silicon carbide ball is a new type of composite Deoxidizer, which is widely used in steelmaking and ironmaking industries.

1.Chemical content

Plate chemical composition
Sic Free C Si+sio2
Sic55 55.0-57.0 4.8±1.5 28±3
Sic60 60.0-63.0 3.5±1 25±2
Sic65 65.0-68.0 4.5±1 23±2

2. Particle size: 10-50mm, etc

3. Package: 1000kg

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